Innovation is critical to the success and growth of the mining industry. Developing and integrating step-change technologies opens a path to solving the challenges we face. RIINO Zero-Emission Monorail provides a solution to push these boundaries for continuous progress and successful mining.


Our Mission is CHANGING THE WAY WE MINE™ with clean, innovative technology for open-pit & underground mining operations globally. 


To lead the charge towards a greener, safer industry, pioneering zero-emission technologies that redefine efficiency and environmental stewardship. Our commitment is to shape tomorrow's mining landscape, where costs are minimized, energy consumption is reduced, and safety is paramount. With RIINO, the future of mining is cleaner, safer, and more sustainable than ever before.


At RIINO, we are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We recognize the urgent need to address the challenges of climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. That's why we have made decarbonization and zero emissions central pillars of our mission. Through relentless innovation in clean technologies, our Zero-Emission Monorail is leading the charge towards a greener future for the mining industry. By prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of our operations, we are proud to play our part in preserving the planet for future generations.


Our team combines experience across various backgrounds to support the overall technology development and integration into the mining industry operations.

Aaron Lambert

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Combining extensive mining operation and technology experience, Aaron has applied this knowledge to create and lead the development of the RIINO system from concept to commercialization.

Curtis Reay

Chief Operating Officer

As a professional with over 17 years of experience in the field of innovation development and deployment within the mining industry, Curtis has demonstrated the ability to transform innovative concepts into practical solutions, significantly contributing to the success of various material haulage projects internationally.

Richard Halka, CPA CA

Chief Financial Officer

Richard has spent his career working internationally, leading a variety of public and private companies through periods of strategic realignment, financial restructuring, and organizational change. His focus has always been on driving value through profitable growth, control of costs, and restructuring the balance sheet to deliver superior financial results.

Thomas Klein

Chief Investment Officer

Thomas brings over two decades of experience in financing mining and technology companies. He has a distinguished career working with tier 1 financial institutions, specializing in financing the integration of technology into mining and mission critical industries. Thomas is known for his strategic acumen and innovative solutions, driving growth, sustainability and efficiency in both the mining and technology sectors. 

Miranda McColman

Director, Community Relations & Marketing

Miranda leverages extensive experience in global marketing, event management, and media relations to lead RIINOs' Community Relations, Communications & Marketing initiatives. With a proven ability to drive impactful campaigns and forge strategic alliances, Miranda is dedicated to enhancing RIINOs' global visibility.

Mike Mayhew

BEV & Green Mining Advisor

As the founding partner of "Mayhew Performance Ltd.", Mike specializes in Battery Electric Vehicle Technology and is leading the industry into sustainable mining through Green Engineering.

Patrick Fantin, P. Eng

Engineering Advisor

As President of "BESTECH" Engineering, Pat offers years of expertise in engineering management, organizational leadership, and innovative technology development to guide RIINOs' structuring and design processes.

Michael Van Der Hooft

Mining Operations & Technology Integration Advisor

Mike brings 40+ years of mining operational experience with successful projects which include innovative mining technologies and underground rapid development initiatives.

founder story

In the heart of innovation and determination lies a remarkable story of friendship unfolding. Aaron and Curtis, united by a shared vision and a bond forged in adversity, embarked on an extraordinary journey. From the depths of their experiences in the mining & innovation to pioneering zero-emission monorail technology, their story embodies the power of collaboration and resilience in achieving remarkable success.