RIINO proudly presents our revolutionary Zero-Emission Monorail solution, poised to revolutionize the mining landscape. Engineered for sustainability and efficiency, our solution addresses the industry's most pressing challenges. From decarbonization and ESG compliance to cost optimization and safety enhancement, our technology offers a comprehensive approach to sustainable mining. By integrating advanced engineering principles, we've created a solution that not only minimizes environmental impact but also maximizes operational efficiency. 


RIINO can be used seamlessly in both underground and surface projects as the primary haulage solution.
To achieve even higher ROI on new projects, disruptive mine designs are possible and are being considered by companies willing to break the traditional mining methods. 

Underground & Surface

Lowered Haulage OPEX by 50% - 90%

  • Rail is the most efficient means of transportation

  • Full electric and automated operation

  • No road maintenance

  • Low energy consumption

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Regenerative energy produced

  • Minimal underground ventilation


Reduce Development Excavated Tonnes and CAPEX by 60% - 70%

  • No haulage trucks = Small drift profile

  • Reduced development schedule

  • Faster development cycle times

  • Earlier ore production

  • Less ground support

  • Less ventilation

  • Less overall electrical consumption

  • Minimal ore & waste rock rehandling


Reduced Access Road Widths and Overburden Stripping by 20% - 30%

  • No haulage trucks = Reduced haul road widths

  • 2m (6.5') wide operating footprint

  • Steep ramp travel of >30% grades

  • Less overburden stripping ratios

  • Fully automated and continuous material handling

  • Improved road safety with dedicated rail transportation

  • No weather operating delays


Payload Capacity:  400 Tonnes (0% Grade) / 120 Tonnes (18% Grade)

Travel Speeds:  80 KPH (0% Grade) / 10KPH (18% Grade)

Ambient Operating Temperature:  -30°C to +40°C

Power Supply:  750VDC Busbar

Road Width Required:  1.8m (6.0')

Minimum Turn Radius:  7.6m (25.0')

Lump Size of Transported Material:  760mm (30") Minus


  • Mining decarbonization and zero-emissions.

  • Increased mine production capacity at a lower cost.

  • Reduced mining energy consumption and GHG emissions.

  • Reduced environmental risks & long-term liabilities.

  • Improved operational safety.

  • Reduced mining footprint.


Application Details:

  • Surface Haulage: Open Pit Crushing to Mill Stock Pile

  • Haulage Distance: 1.0km

  • Production Tonnes: 4000 TPD (Tonnes per Day)

  • Production Rate: 550 TPH (Tonnes per hour)

  • Road Grade: Flat (0% Grade)   

Equipment Comparison:

  • 777 Haul Trucks - 100T (2 Units)     

  • RIINO monorail - 60T (1 Unit)


  • 777 Haul Trucks      CAPEX $0 (Owned)  OPEX ($1.50/Tonne) 

  • RIINO Monorail      CAPEX $4.0M                 OPEX ($0.38/Tonne)

Result: $17.5M Production savings over 5 years. 

The costs represented are common values with operational figures that will fluctuate according to site-specific variables. RIINO haulage savings are unique to each application and are validated through engineering design and operational review. Values are in CDN currency.



Rainbow Concrete Quarry Pilot Demonstration Site  - Sudbury, ON

System Configuration:​

  • 1000m Continuous-loop​

  • 500m runway​

  • 20% grade incline ramp​

  • 2-way & 3-way switches​

  • Loading and unloading spur​

  • Busbar power supply (30% total rail)